Oceana County is blessed with an abundance of attractions and entertainment. The center piece is the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. The Sand Dunes are a natural phenomenon that attracts more than a million visitors each year. The sand, deposited here by glaciers, has created a natural attraction that is truly incredible. As the glaciers retreated, they left behind deposits, which were turned into sand by water action. These grains of sand began piling up one grain upon another to create what is today the Silver Lake Sand Dunes State Park.

The Little Sable Point Lighthouse located on the shoreline of Lake Michigan is just to the south  of the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. At 107 ft. tall, it is the tallest lighthouse on the Lake Michigan shoreline. Built in 1874, the lighthouse provided its warning beacon for over 100 years and is credited with saving many ships and their crews. Most ships now navigate by the Global Positioning System, so the light is no longer in use. It sat idle for a number of years, but was re-opened for tours in the spring of 2006 to the top.  It is a brisk climb to the top, but be sure to take your camera, the view is spectacular.